Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bologna Children's Bookfair

I visited the children's bookfair on monday and tuesday and showed my portfolio to several editors. It went quite well, I guess! I collected so many identity cards and now I have to send a whole bunch of online portfolios to publishers all over the world :3
On the fair there was a lot to see, so many beautiful books! It was very inspiring. I even got to buy some books, which made me really happy:

In the evenings I went back to my hotel. I felt really uncomfortable in the room I got. Sure, I could afford it and it was near the fair, but to a creative person the environment is very important, too... so I tried to concentrate on drawing. At least this one turned out quite nice:

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  1. niedlich! :3
    ist immer wieder schön sich deine Sachen anzuschauen! ich bin auch online, hab aber grad ne Namensänderung gemacht weshalb meine Seite jetzt down ist, aber wenn du Zeit hast: