Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm back!

Sorry for not posting so long...I have been quite busy. I moved to hamburg where animation school started. It's very interesting: we watch lots of movies and get to know all the (animation-studio-) backgrounds. Analizing is one of our main activities, apart from drawing of course. Drawing courses sometimes freak me out because now I have to face all the weaknesses. It's like being at the dentist and he's giving you a root canal treatment - you know it's necessary but the procedure is aweful. So let's all hope my drawings will improve :)
At the moment though I don't have the feeling of improving. Still I believe: Time will tell!
My sketchbook doesn't offer much, unfortunately (apart from jobs and projects that are under construction and cannot be shown in public yet), so you'll have to deal with this random fantasy character. I was thinking about learning more about game design lately. This is only the first step. Some influences 'n stuff. You know. Daaah~

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