Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There's a mystycal island, noone has ever been to before (but actaully it's the seychelles, photo reference) where strong women hunt. It's a cross-breed of Pocahontas and Chun-Li!


  1. these are so awesome!! I actually already glanced upon the island in your flat - sorry for that! I swear I was well-behaved apart from that curious moment... >////<
    Anywho, they just look fantastically professional and stunning.
    I really like the odd anatomy of the amazon's legs - a kick in the crotch by her might kill a man. :D She's hot. And the island looks like there might just be the biggest treasure hidden around the corner.

    You are awesome.

  2. btw, how do they procreate? do they rape treasure-hunters passing by? :P

  3. Yes, they hunt treasure hunters. And tourists. And they eat small dinosaurs XD (still love the scene in jurassic park with the cute little ones chacing the kid with the sandwhich). First the hit 'em with a stick, so they're stunned. And then they use their incredibly strong thighs to squish everythings that might lead to death. Yeah. It's a cruel business.

    Anyway I am very glad you like it <3