Monday, October 17, 2011

ballerina bitch slap

So, here's the thing:
Along with me, three other students from animation school went drawing ballet dancers at training for one and a half hour. The ballerinas were very mixed: from approximately 25 to 80 years old, all shapes and colors. So we went for the red haired, hunched, 80 year old, constantly grinning woman. She could hardly move, just turn around and make a few steps. She was quite a character. After their training most of the dancers came over and were impressed by our studies. I had done the drawings with both, right and left hand. They recognized the old woman and everyone liked the sketch.
A bit later, we were standing in the corridor, the old lady approached us and said: "Can I see the great artist's drawing again? For it was said to resemble me very well." So I showed it to her and she went on about how she liked it. So I offered her the sketch as a present. She gladly took it and explained: "Good, now I can tear it apart."
And so she ripped the paper apart several times. We were all shocked, incapable of moving or saying anything. She went on about the others, who had drawn her well and stuff, but what I had done was impossible. Keeping on grinning all the time.
She left and we couldn't believe what just happened. We had experienced pure perfidity. Sure, we figured out that the woman really doesn't see herself the way she is. But I guess every artist out there knows the feeling of pain and disrespect, when your artworks gets destroyed.
I've learned to be more careful with my work: Sell it or keep it ;P

the negative looks quite cool :3


  1. Waaaaas??? Ich bin schockiert und sprachlos!

  2. Verbitterte alte Lady. Wahrscheinlich zerreisst sie auch Bilder von sich auf Familienfeiern, weil sie darauf aussieht wie 80.
    Und wenn sich nochmal jemand an deiner Arbeit vergreift, gehst du bitte dazwischen ;)