Sunday, January 29, 2012

Honouring the Ancestores

Today I want to use the chance to show how amazing my grandmother was. She died only last week and so I got to see through a lot of her work. She started attending drawing classes when she was 56 years old, followed by water color and china paint classes. I always admired her for her abilities in art and  cooking as well as her good natured heart and alltime cheerful character. Of course she always supported me with educational drawing-books, brushes and colors. What she admird about me was that at a certain point I didn't need any artwork to draw from - that I managed to produce images from my imagination. Still, she improved her skills only in a year and created beautiful portraits and still lifes.
I honestly wish to carry on and improve the "talent" I was given to make a living and make my grandmother proud.

1986 by Lore Koops

2011/ 12 by me

Furthermore, that's how my workspace at the animation school looks like. 

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  1. Oh nein … das tut mir sehr leid für dich. Deine Oma hört sich großartig an. Fühl dich ganz feste gedrückt!
    Und eure Arbeiten sind wirklich klasse :)