Sunday, May 20, 2012

Crazy competition!

Yesterday I had one of the most crazy experiences of my life: the 24 hours film racing. Here's the thing:
Saturday morning, at 4am we recieved the theme, a prop and an action that were to include in the movie. It was allowed to use existing characters, so we prepared by drawing characters and consider a rough animation style or after effects animation with layer puppets. You'll see some works below.

Of course we used none of the existing characters.
Of course we developed a complete new style and story.
Of course the set we chose was a cinema full of characters.
21 characters, I believe.
24 hours for the film.
3 to 4 hours after the plot was decided.
3 hours before the deadline the animation was done and the last scenes were rendering in After Effects.
3:30 am the whole thing was successfully uploaded.
A group of 10 (in the beginning 11) people are still startled that the wohle thing worked out and we are all very proud and love our little "baby".
And we are the only group from Germany. The rest of the competitors are from the USA, Canada and a few Britains.

It's amazing how fullfilling animation is to me. Thank you for the opportunity, my dear comrades!

Unfortunately I cannot show the 1:15 minutes movie yet, because of the competition.
In the meantime you'll have to work with more drawings ;-)

preproduction for the 24h film racing

pre-production layer puppets - the right one was a design from amazing Eiti, which I adapted.
Cyclops designs while plot discussion -  they weren't chosen in the end

 sketches for a Game Character I am drawing at the moment  
This last one is a poster for a friend in my hometown. He is a pool attendant and asked me to design and illustrate a poster for a unicef - donation campaign. It was done in Photoshop. I enjoyed the work very much and I hope all you people from Usingen and the Taunus go there on the 26th may and make lots of donations!

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  1. Hey, cool! Bin sehr gespannt =) Schön, dass dir deine Arbeit so viel Spaß macht.

    Das Poster ist sehr schön und süß <3