Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sporty sketch

This summer a lot of my friends went climbing. I tagged along two times to watch them and sketch a bit of the stony environment. The sport looked more interesting than I'd imagined, so I decided to try it myself. It was a bit frightening to me, but it was also exciting. And the best thing about it: it didn't hurt my tennis elbow! I still have that condition in my arms from three years back and couldn't do any sport without feeling that I was hurting or overstraining my arms. So now I hope to get better and strengthen my arms again!

Another very nice side effect: Whenever we go to the indoor climbing hall, I take my sketchbook with me, because there are so many people, perspectives and movements. People are concentrated most of the time, so they don't notice me sketching. For a certain reason I haven't figured out yet, the guys tend to wear no shirts, which means muscle studies for me :)

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